sculptural painting store

3d roses in a vase ,Floral sculpture painting on wood

 Handmade picture made using the technique of  sculpture painting.

Picture size 40x30 cm



  This painting be seen as a hybrid of painting and bas-relief , so emphatic are their materiality and objectness, their presence as things in the world.

This technique "sculptural painting" is also sometimes called "volumetric" or "relief" painting.
The names are different, but the essence of the technique is one - creating voluminous colors (and other images) from volumetric plaster with the help of a palette knife.


This is a great 3D sculptural painting would make a wonderful wedding, anniversary or birthday gift.
This 3D piece sculptural piece of art is a perfect addition to any wall, in any room!


A beautiful piece to hang on your wall and easy to keep bright and clean using a small soft brush occasionally to remove dust.


This painting is unique and it has an author*s signature on back side.In a single copy special for you!


 It can be ordered in any combination of colors, number of flowers and any size of wood base. Price would change according to size. After sculpture painting is made, it requires 5-7 days to dry before it can be shipped.