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Volumetric painting,3D Painting,Annimal 3D Art

Handmade picture made using the technique of volumetric painting.

Picture size 40x30 cm



 This painting be seen as a hybrid of painting and sculpture painting, so emphatic are their materiality and objectness, their presence as things in the world.


This is a great 3D sculptural painting would make a wonderful wedding, anniversary or birthday gift.
This 3D piece sculptural piece of art is a perfect addition to any wall, in any room!


A beautiful piece to hang on your wall and easy to keep bright and clean using a small soft brush occasionally to remove dust.


This painting is unique and it has an author*s signature on back side.In a single copy special for you!


 Custom Orders, sizes and wooden shape requests are welcome! Just send me a message.


Picture size 40X30 cm.